Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winter Projects

Yes, I know, Daylilies are not blooming now in Upstate New York, but visions of them are dancing through my head. This one is not my favorite, but since it is named "Judith", and my name is Judith, I had to have it. Wouldn't you know, it multiplies rapidly and now I have several. I think I will start giving them away.

Now that snow is covering the ground and the garden is sleeping I am getting around to starting a garden blog. This is the season between weeding & transplanting and the arrival of the garden catalogs for next year. Actually, I seldom receive garden catalogs these days as most of my browsing is done on the internet. 

A year ago I tried spreading a general purpose fertilizer (10-10-10) on top of the snow. It made it easy to see where the fertilizer had been spread, and in the spring the plants seemed to get off to a great start. It is about time to do that again... before the snow is so deep I have to wear snowshoes. I am also planning to spread some shredded leaves on the garden and will work them into the soil in the spring. It adds that wonderful organic matter to the soil.

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mainelyhawes said...

When's the next update??? What will you be doing in your garden in February?