Thursday, January 1, 2009

After reading Kathy Purdy's idea of a mission statement for your garden I began to think about some of the high points in my own gardening. I recalled one morning when I was potting up some plants in the driveway. I was on my knees overlooking the garden and bird bath pictured above when I saw a humming bird fly up to the spray from the fountain. After dancing around it for a few seconds he flew into the spray several times and then alit on the edge of the bird bath and dipped his breast into the water several times. I was in awe as I watched this wee creature taking his bath. Since then I have had them fly up when I am watering the garden. I quickly change the nozzle so that it sprays a fine mist and they seem to delight in flying into this mist and then sit on branch and preen. They seem to know that I am doing this for them... at least that is what I like to think, and for a few moments we seem to be communicating. It is breathtaking to say the least.

So, with snow outside and thoughts of summer in my head I wish you all a very wonderful 2009. The days are already getting longer, summer will be here in no time. Happy gardening.


helen said...

I look forward to reading your mission statement. When written, please send it to me. Also include you zone and URL. I plan to post the collection I receive.

Angela (In the Cottage Garden) said...

Oh, lovely! I have a bird and butterfly garden and last year we had so many hummingbirds! They just seemed to be fearless, coming to the agastache while we sat nearby. Loved that. I'll have to see about including some kind of water feature for them! Neat!
~Angela :-)